Strands of Love

I have always loved 'experimenting' with my hair, not so much with the colour but with the length. It's no secret that your hair is the crown of your head and that it can make or break you. I love changing my hair because it will always grow back. 

Thats why I will always encourage people to take the plunge and if you are not happy with your hair or length, well then..........there is always Strands of Love extensions. 

I really really really loved my short hair but I got a 'bee in my bonnet' about long hair and I knew I just had to give it a try....again. I've had extensions twice before and hated both times because of the way it was attached to my own hair. The type of extensions I have in now is called tape extensions and they promise that it will not damage your hair at all. And after a good nights rest I can honestly say it feels very comfortable. 




My favourite part of the whole experience was that it only took 1 hour to put in. Anyone who has ever had extensions will know that this is unheard of. Bonus!!





Thank you so much Anzel at House of Hair and Beauty in Stellenbosch for the installation. And thank you Julien - Strands of Love. I love it. 






House of Hair and Beauty 021 880 1729

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