Being Mamma Minki

I believe with my whole heart that the most humbling thing on this planet is being a mother. 


When I moved to London in 2010 to support my husband I became known as Ernst’s wife, which was quite refreshing. Nobody knew or cared who Minki was. Best years of my life. Now my husband is known as Ernst van der Westhuizen. (haha. Jokes, jammer liefie, ek moes net)

These days when I walk into the play school to fetch my daughters, their friends will run up to them and call out ‘Katerien / Elise, jou mamma is hier’.

My youngest, Elise, is very verbal at 2 years of age. And also very demanding I might add (wonder where she gets it from)…. and if I do not respond quick enough to ‘mamma’ she starts calling me ‘Mamma Minki’. My favourite ‘label’ ever!!! This goes down very well in Pick 'n Pay when she keeps saying ‘Mamma Minki’ very loud. #embarrassing

Children are a gift from God and I thank Him every day for my two precious little humans. I pray the Blood of Jesus Christ over them, to protect and keep them safe. Amen.


I have never been so happy, sad, angry, impatient, loyal, lucky, blessed, humiliated, excited, challenged (I could go on for days) since the day I became Mamma Minki. And I couldn’t do it without my main man, pappa Errie!!

Coming from England where we had no help, we were very close as a family because you only have each other. And Ernst had to really pull his weight around the house to help me cope with two little ones in a foreign country. Which he did with so much love.

Since being back in South Africa our lives have been enriched and changed in so many ways. Our little family is thriving and my heart is so happy and grateful. It feels like I have wings again.

I will forever strive to give my daughters wings, equipping them with life tools, skills and the Word of God, so that they may spread their wings and touch peoples lives and live life to the fullest.

And then to always fly back home again.

Trotse mamma.



KATERIEN JOUBERT #katerienlief

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