As most of you know I am a Brand Ambassador for OBAGI medical products (Obagi for life, posted on 3 Nov) but I have been sent a few products from SKOON. Skincare Range to review. 



I absolutely love the presentation and packaging. It looks and feels luxurious and I love the fact that they are doing science naturally. 


I was not mad about the GEL-TO-MILK CLEANSER, this is just a personal preference. I prefer a face wash that foams. All the other products are lovely, especially the GLOWDROPS. I just love serums and this one definitely adds a natural healthy glow all day. 

BUT, my ultimate favourite is the RUBY MARINE overnight hydrating mask!!!!!! Oh my shattered nerves. This product is just amazing!!!!!! I cannot get enough of it. I literally cannot wait to wash my face at night just so I can put the mask on. This product smells delicious and it feels incredible on your skin.  You sleep with it, leaving it on your skin overnight. I have a combination skin and my skin is not oily in the morning, it is just perfect. I can't speak highly enough of this product and how much I love love love it.

I think that if heaven had a scent, it would smell like this. 


Thank you SKOON. for this treat.

Minki Joubert1 Comment